They thought they'd visit San Francisco for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, but adorable Vallejo couple Carlos and Barbara Landeros got a lot more than they bargained for when they discovered a black bag stuffed with $11,060 cash money at the Golden Gate Bridge.

After posing with the bag for a series of mandatory vista point photos, the couple seemed not to hesitate in their decision to hand the bag over the a police officer. "We found the money, it didn't belong to us," said straight-shooter Barbara after the surprised cop noted that most people wouldn't return the money.

Turns out the cash belong to a Chinese tourist named Mark Wang, who was tracked down by police using flight information found inside the bag. No word yet on what the $11K cash was going to be used for or how Wang managed to walk off without it (we're thinking some elaborate experiment in human psychology?).

Watch the Landeros' tell their side of the story: