As of April 1, RN74 chef Jason Berthold will be replaced by Adam Sobel in the role of executive chef and partner. According to a press release, Jason is moving on to an unnamed San Francisco restaurant concept set to open in the fall.

New chef Sobel comes from roles as executive chef at BOURBON STEAK in Washington, D.C., executive chef of RM Seafood at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, and chef de cuisine at Restaurant Guy Savoy in Las Vegas.

Michael Mina bids adieu to Berthold by calling him "a supremely talented chef who did a tremendous job managing the kitchen at RN74 for the past three years," but looks forward to Sobel taking the reins:

"Adam is undeniably one of the most talented young chefs in the United States right now. I’ve worked with many young chefs over the years, but feel Adam has something extra, a special spark and unique abilities that set him apart from others,” said Michael. “We could not be happier about bringing him to San Francisco where I have no doubt he’ll make an impressive mark on the culinary landscape."

RN74, 301 Mission Street (between Fremont and Beale), S.F.: 415.543.7474