C.W. Nevius penned another piece in praise of gentrification on Saturday, and by early Sunday someone had spraypainted "Fuck C.W. Nevius" and "Fuck Gentrification" on the side of the Chronicle building. Things are getting heated, folks.

Chuck's column bore the headline "Gentrification no longer a dirty word," and as is his wont, he went into the various ways that gentrification was being embraced in the Mission and elsewhere. It followed an another column from last week in which he celebrated the overhaul of a former "heroin hotel" in the Tenderloin, and it's transformation into a $2,000-a-month, market-rate apartment building.

Clearly there are some people left for whom gentrification is a dirty word, and they thought they'd let him know with spray paint, as Sunday Metro Editor Jason Loren shows us.

What's most newsworthy, perhaps, is that a graffiti activist such as this actually reads the Chronicle.

Depressingly, Nevius quotes a real estate broker who was taking some newbie clients around, showing them the Mission. When they passed the weekend revelry in Dolores Park they asked, "Is there a street fair?"


[JasonLLoren/Twitter via SF Citizen]