Sunday night is the most important night of the year. It's Oscar night, that's why! How much will you squirm when Anne Hathaway delivers her self-consciously kooky and over-prepared acceptance speech? A lot. But chef Ben DeVries of Luella, the noted Russian Hill restaurant, will help ease your pain with a tasty and convenient Luella-in-a-bag special, themed after the Oscars.

At $22/person ($44 minimum) the Oscars Luella-in-a-bag features:

- Gaufrette with house cured salmon, crème fraiche and chives
- Crostini with house made ricotta and marinated artichokes
- Ahi tartare taco with lime vinaigrette and mango salsa
- House made biscuit with seared filet, bone marrow butter and horseradish cream
- Bruschetta with wild mushrooms and gremolata
- Veal meatball with tomato porcini sauce
- Chocolate mousse with hazelnuts, white chocolate sauce and blackberry puree

This is for more refined, serious Oscar parties. Lemon Drops at the Midnight Sun this is not. Oh, and you can add on a bottle (or eight) or Prosecco.

This Luella-in-a-bag requires at least at 24-hour advanced order and is available for a curbside pick up. Available for pick up on Saturday, February 23 between 5:00-6:30pm.

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