It is said, by some, that a chef can be judged by their roast chicken. The same could be said of a restaurant and its bathroom; the place where we find relief in the place in which we are find dining relief. An amuse-bouce setting, if you will. For some, checking out the bathroom is a highlight when dining out at a new place. Which is why we bring you Sweet Relief, a new feature of the bathroom(s) at Michelin-starred or SF Chronicle four-star restaurants in the Bay Area.

Besides, everything food-related has been done to death in the media.

While we won't feature unsavory instances that go on in or around the toilet -- we'll leave that to Table and Throne -- we will snap a few pics of loos in the Bay Area's most esteemed restaurants for your viewing pleasure. After all, the meal you eat is going to end up here anyway. The restaurant bathroom: the great food equalizer. From farm to table to toilet.

First up, Saison. Joshua Skenes' transfer from the Mission to SoMa proved a wise decision. The place is downright gorgeous. The can ain't too bad, either. (We didn't show the toilet itself since it was kind of boring.)