We here at SFist are flummoxed -- flummoxed! -- by the idea that anything drug-related goes down on Stillman Street. See, after a suspected robbery call and a subsequent investigation on February 12, police uncovered a marijuana grow house on the 100 block of Stillman. The warehouse sits just under the I-80 overpass between Harrison and Folsom.

Four people were arrested in connection with the mini pot plantation.

In addition to finding over 500 plants and processed bags of ganja, police also discovered guns and ammunition in the warehouse.

Best of all, the suspects, in an attempt to keep neighbors quiet, used Starbucks gift card as bribery. According to SF Examiner, "Neighbors had a hunch that pot was being grown in the unit. The apparent head of the operation reportedly offered them Starbucks cards, presumably to keep anyone from mentioning the marijuana stench to police, one neighbor said Monday."

SFist, however, spoke with one area neighbor who wondered, "Where the fuck is my gift card?"