UPDATE: Hours for Garaje from until February 28 will be form 11am-3pm. Regular hours begin March 1.

Third Street between Folsom and King has turned into a choice spot for choice cheap eats. The anti-18th Street, if you will. Places like Zeke's, Ruchi Indian Cuisine, Sbc Pizza & Deli (please don't ever change your signage), Happy Donuts / Louisiana Fried Chicken, and most famously HRD Coffee Shop (home of the Mongolian Beef Cheesesteak Sandwich) all line the area with pretty good food for a comparatively decent price. Last Wednesday, Garaje opened up in the former Bill's Kitchen space. In addition to receiving a snazzy makeover (such as: dark interiors, Edison bulbs, new furniture, and flat screens) and new owners, the menu has changed.

Garaje boasts an eclectic mix featuring escabeche ($4), carne asada fries ($6), Chinatown ribs with pineapple fried rice ($9) as well as a drive-in cheese burger ($6-$8), bocadillos, tacos, and more. So, you know, kinda of like a taqueria with a diner's tip of the hat. The menu is funny (e.g., "Vegetarians welcome, however beware: Our refritos are super delicious because THEY ARE MADE WITH LARD") and bountiful, with 8 beers on tap.

As Grub pointed out last year, "The owners are Arturo Aguilar and Stephen Paoli, who happens to be the son of longtime Financial District restaurant owner Joseph Paoli, of Paoli's Restaurant. The pair are part of Mission Bay Foods which owns Dos Piñas Taqueria and Café Pazzo, both in the design district."

Check it out if you're in the area and/or cannot bear the line at HRD.

Garaje: 475 Third Street, SF; 415-664-0838; open Monday thru Saturday, 11am to close. CASH ONLY