Thursday night around 11:15 p.m. a 58-year-old man returned to his home on 27th Street near Church Street in Noe Valley to find the 69-year-old man he shared the place with tied up and suffering from a deep laceration, apparently caused by a hatching-wielding burglar.

The 58-year-old man became the victim of a hatchet wound himself when he discovered the burglar and his two male accomplices were still in the home. After attacking the men, the three suspects fled the scene and had not been found as of Friday morning. The two victims both had to be taken to the hospital to be treated for deep cuts, but their injuries were not considered life threatening.

It is currently unclear whether the cleaving thieves made off with any loot and there is no further suspect description at this point. If you do happen to see someone strolling the streets of Noe Valley with a bloody hatchet, however, you are encouraged to call SFPD's anonymous tipline at (415) 575-4444 or via text message to TIP411.

Hopefully this is just an isolated hatchet attack and not a sign of a new wave of crime.