While boozing it up last night, we got into a simmering debate with a food writer over high-end tasting menus. Personally, we love them. The more intricate and fussier, the better. Why? Why not. Modern art for modern art's sake, and all that jazz. But two restaurant talents/cult figures noted for their tasting menus will start offering cheaper, casual options.

Starting tonight, Josh Skenes' Saison (the recently relocated two-star Michelin restaurant now in SoMa) will introduce their $48 lounge menu, with 8-10 courses of canapes. According to Eater, "The cocktails, like the food, incorporate smoked and grilled ingredients, like a sherry cocktail with pineapple syrup made from whole grilled pineapples, or a bourbon drink infused with hearth-popped popcorn."

Also, Coi and Plum chef Daniel Patterson will open a new, more accessible joint right off the corner of Market and 10th Street near Twitter headquarters. (1420 Market, between 10th and 11th, specifically.) This, of course, will be good for the area, which is kind of jank right now. No word yet what Patterson's place will be called, but Inside Scoop has more info: "[M]any of the details on Patterson’s new project are being kept under wraps, but it will be a 70-seat, full-service restaurant with a full bar and cocktails; Patterson says it will be a 'fun, casual' place." Look for a summertime opening.

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