We recently introduced you to "Jeffy," aka "Captain_Derp" if you're on OKCupid, aka Jeff Allen, a local self-proclaimed PUA (pick-up artist) whose sleazy escapades gave us the collective creeps for the women of San Francisco. A few women have stepped forward to describe their nights out with the notorious man.

Jeffy is an enterprising fellow who we assume makes some sort of living with his $270 DVDs and his book Get Laid or Die Trying. But for a man who purports to teach other men the intricacies of "getting into the pants of the hottest girl at the party—a total stranger—in less than thirty minutes", "getting threesomes as your default extraction" and "deflecting last-minute resistance with a single word" (ugh), reports from real women tell the story of an inept asshole whose deals with seemingly inevitable rejection with racial slurs, angry insults and dick-waving.

Katie Baker at Jezebel has unearthed more details about Jeffy and the experience of women who actually took him up on his go-to date idea, dinner at Cha Cha Cha in the Mission (or, as he annoying calls it in a text, "Cha3"). And what a date it was for these unlucky ladies.

After Jolene Parton met Jeffy at "Cha3", suffered through some PUA nonsense and began to feel her personal space was being violated, she left a pissed-off Jeffy at the restaurant.

After unlocking my car and getting inside, I heard my phone vibrate. I pulled it out, and to my surprise, I already had 3 texts waiting, and more were appearing by the second. "Kill yourself nigger." "You're pathetic." "The cognitive dissonance must be killing you," (absolutely no idea how he's interpreting this phrase). "The funny thing is, we're actually perfect for each other," and a final "You're pathetic." Wow.

"Cognitive dissonance"? He's a gentleman and a scholar. And more women have reported even more hair-raising experiences in the same vein after going back to Jeffy's place.

He changed into basketball shorts and handed me a bottle of water in which he made a joke that he "roofied" (second red flag) and then jumped on top of me. We made out for a couple more minutes and he yanked my shirt off. When I said no sorry, I'm not going to fuck you he quickly stood above me straddling my body with his ankles, pulled out his DICK and waved it back and worth asking "ever seen one of these, ever seen one of these" ... What they hell was I supposed to say to that!! I couldn't help but burst into complete laughter, thinking in my head but not saying..."well I've never seen one that small before".

Another woman went back to Jeffy's place but stopped him short of sex, and here's how he reacted.

He FLIPS the FUCK out. Jumps up and starts berating me, gesturing at his (now limp) dick, saying,"LOOK at what you did to me!!" and "are you kidding me? After all that time I spent on you??". It was now that I started thinking about whether I was strong enough to beat him off me, should it come to that.

Thankfully, I was able to escape unscathed thanks to Uber and being surprisingly good at calming down angry men with promises of 'calling them tomorrow'.

This guy is a predator and I hope this coverage helps prevent other girls from going out with him. Though I doubt it will.

Head over to Jezebel for a full dose of Jeffy. And ladies? Please do not go the Cha Cha Cha or anywhere else with this man.