As everyone at our Super Bowl party in Potrero Hill agreed, Twitter, rather than Facebook, was where it was at last night. During yesterday's devastating Super Bowl game between the Ravens and the 49ers (spoiler: the Ravens win), an estimated 24.1 million tweets about the game and halftime show were created. (This isn't even accounting for the ads.)

The moments generating the biggest peaks of Twitter conversation (measured in Tweets per minute, or TPM) during the game were:

- Power outage: 231,500 TPM
- 108-yard kickoff return for Ravens TD by Jones: 185,000 TPM
- Clock expires; Ravens win: 183,000 TPM
- Jones catches 56 yard pass for Ravens touchdown (end of 2nd quarter): 168,000 TPM
- Gore touchdown for 49ers: 131,000 TPM

The most mentioned players were: Ray Lewis (@Raylewis), Joe Flacco (@teamflacco), Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7) and Jacoby Jones.

More importantly, Beyonce took Twitter by storm with her ASTOUNDING halftime show. Her show-stealing performance generated 5.5 million tweets. Let's see how she faired last night on the social media mammoth:

- Conclusion of her show: 268,000 TPM
- Destiny’s Child reunion on stage: 257,500 TPM
- Singing ‘Single Ladies’: 252,500 TPM

As for the power outage? Advertisers pounced. According to Twitter's blog, "[I]t it took just four minutes for the first Promoted Tweet to appear against searches for [power outage] on Twitter."

Here are just a few Twitter advertisements that went out mere minutes after the outage: