Not sure if this is parody or not (we're leaning toward the former, obviously), but we a) love avocados and b) love anything involving a massive bottle of Squirt. And with that, we give your Zaddie, a mighty fine and mighty rare avocado that can be yours for only $10. But beware. Much like adopting from the SPCA, the avocado's current owner will call you from time to time to see how you're bonding with the prized fruit.

According to the Craigslist ad:

I recently found this beautiful Zutano avocado in my Zutano avocado tree. It's just about ripe. Has no bruises or marks.
It's humongous and looks really avocados are always perfectly tender and full of amazing flavor.
Something inside me told me to share these delicious fruits ('s a fruit) but not for fame or money but for the satisfied feeling you get when you do something beautiful. However I let no one touch my avocados! That is why it's extremely rare that I'm actually going to sell one today.
Whoever buys this one is taking a part of me; he/she should reflect on that. It's like taking a part of the frame from the Mona Lisa!
If that's not an excellent example for you to realize what your getting into than forget it, this avocado is not for you!!
Please treat her with care. Her name is Zaddie. I will call you and or message you from time to time to see how much your bond has grown with her.