Scandal has rocked — or at least gently swayed to a pulsing beat — Mark Zuckerberg this week as a British tabloid has dug up this ancient photo from 2009 which allegedly shows the young Facebook CEO doing what he does best: standing awkwardly amongst his peers. And also sweating a lot.

The UK's The Sun asked, "Is that Mark Zuckerberg looking off his Facebook?" Which we're pretty sure is English slang meant to imply he was either "rolling balls" or "drinking a lager" or "enjoying himself immensely."

Back stateside, NBC Bay Area tracked down the DJ in the photo, an LA-based gal who goes by the name of DJ Dory. According to Dory, the photo is about three years old, which still doesn't excuse the guy wearing the wifebeater and headband on the right.

Zuckerberg has yet to confirm or deny whether that is actually him pictured and we can't say we blame him either. There is a lot of awkward dancing going on in this photo. His Facebook profile does reveal that he's a fan of Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem and he has historically shown that he likes to participate in general day-to-day leisure activities with non-billionaires. At least everyone kept their shirts on this time.

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