The FBI, SFPD and the Sheriff's Department served a search warrant at an Upper Haight home Tuesday morning searching for clues to the 1984 disappearance of Kevin Collins. Investigators on the scene discovered skeletal remains beneath the concrete floor in garage of the home on the corner of Page and Masonic Streets. The early word from forensics investigators, however, says the remains probably belong to an animal.

The search warrant was served Tuesday morning. The home's current residents are not suspects in the investigation, but Ann Dreasy Collins — mother of the boy who has been missing for nearly 30 years — confirmed to CBS5 that police contacted her to tell her they had found the bones at the Haight-Ashbury residence. Kevin was last seen on February 10, 1984 waiting for a 43-Masonic bus about a block away, on his way home to Lower Pac Heights from the St. Agnes School after basketball practice.

Kevin's disappearance predates AMBER alerts and at the time his suspected abduction made national headlines. His picture made the cover of Newsweek and he was the first to have his picture printed on milk cartoons across the country. Kevin's family even ran a 24-hour hotline out of their home as the search started to dry up.

Two men named Kenny and Kevin used to live in the unit that was searched on Tuesday, and CBS5 reports they were investigated after the incident in 1984.

No word yet on what lead to today's possible break in the Collins case. Back in October of last year, ABC7 also thought they had a lead when they uncovered documents in which serial killer Jon Dunkle — who was convicted of killing three young boys in the early 80s — allegedly confessed that he had killed a fourth, unknown boy victim around the time of Kevin's disappearance. After confessing the crime to his cellmate lover in San Luis Obispo, Dunkle apparently told psychiatric evaluators that he had killed a fourth boy by throwing him off the Golden Gate Bridge and making it look like a suicide, but SFPD investigators apparently missed that detail.