The Lite Gov. is, as you know, an expert on social media. He tweets (sometimes angrily). He blogs. He even has a Google+ account. That's why he smartly (read: questionably) named his long-awaited book about the intersection of social media and government Citizenville, after the most annoying app in the history of social media.

Judging by the very descriptive introduction page on publisher Penguin Books' website, this book is intended for people who really want to bug their friends about government. It also reads like a movie trailer from the '90s:

In a world where people can do anything at the touch of a button—shop, communicate, do research, publish a blog, transfer money [Ed. Note: write a book?] —government cannot keep functioning in a twentieth-century mind-set. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom explores the many ways in which technology can transform government and empower citizens: Opening up vast troves of government data, then letting people create apps to use them wisely. Harnessing the popularity of online games to establish a kind of "Angry Birds for Democracy." Inventing new feedback loops so people can take active part in every facet of governing.

In the tome's trailer (this is also a world where books have trailers), Gavin goes on to discuss his wonderful hair inspiration for the book, San Francisco's awesome app store and how government is like a vending machine:

The book comes out February 7th, although you can pre-order it at a discount on Amazon right this second. If you want to bask in Gavin's L'Oreal glow in person, he will be appearing at the JCC on Thursday, February 21st and at Domincan University in San Rafael in March.

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