What was that about all California drivers being on drugs? 51-year-old Berkeley High School teacher Douglas Haight (seriously?) lost his job and teaching credentials after a December DUI arrest turned up a bottle of LSD disguised as liquid breath mint.

The DUI occurred on December 1st, when Haight's Toyota Camry ran a red light on busy Bellam Boulevard in San Rafael. After he blew a .13, Haight told police that he had just left Terrapin Crossroads — a noted Grateful Dead bar nearby.

When he was booked into the Marin County jail, a deputy suspected he might be holding something. (Which is probably some kind of hippie profiling and the ACLU should definitely step in here.) Tests on the liquid breath mint Haight was carrying in his pocket came back positive for (surprise!) hallucinogenic lysergic acid diethylamide. Although Haight was originally arrested for a misdemeanor DUI, he was later charged with two felonies — one for possession of the LSD and another for trying to bring it into the county jail.

As is the Berkeley Unified School District's official policy, Haight was stripped of his teaching credentials immediately upon being charged with a felony. At Berkeley High, Haight had been a full-time advisor to the school's Independent Study program, where he worked with the smart kids outside of the "typical classroom environment." Because of course he did.