Hey, you guys. Amid all the Super Bowl hoopla, we almost forgot that, as a city, we are still in a state of mourning at the passing of Vivian Brown. On Friday, January 25th, would have been her 86th birthday. (An Aquarian too? The Brown sisters' story keeps getting better.) Her surviving sister, the wonderful Marian, will celebrate tomorrow with a cake party at 6pm at the Sir Francis Drake.

You will be there.

Mr. Harry Denton (friends with the Brown Twins for years) will try to rally the city tomorrow at 6:00 for a big chorus of Happy Birthday to Marian as she blows out 86 candles at 6:30. Sort of like a "you lost your sister, but you still have your San Francisco family."

Have plans? Too bad. Cancel them. Live in the Mission? Too bad. Get on BART or your bike. Live in the Outer Richmond? Looks like you'll be riding the 38, doesn't it? Over in Bayview? We hear the T line is nice. And If we find out that any goddamn elected official isn't at the Sir Francis Drake tomorrow at 6pm sharp... we will destroy you. (Yes even you, progressive ilk; you can go back to saving the world on Monday.) Okay, not really. But don't be a dick by not attending.

See you there. Better be there. Don't let us find out you weren't there. Real talk.

Sir Francis Drake: 450 Powell (at Sutter), SF; 415-392-7755