Two more Bay Area residents have lost their lives while in Hawaii. Best friends Adam Griffiths, 46, and Brian Baker, 47, were hiking with Griffiths' fiancée Jennifer Kwong on the rocky north shore of Kauai when a wave swept Baker out to sea. Griffiths dove in to rescue him, only to drown himself.

Baker lived in Vallejo and was a triathlete and music therapist for children.

Griffiths, a native of Australia, lived with Kwong in San Francisco. He was a manager at a mobile app company.

The two friends were described as kindred spirits who often took trips together.

Thankfully, unlike they did with a similarly tragic incident in Hawaii in 2011, the commenters on SFGate have mostly behaved themselves. Or perhaps someone over there is finally moderating the comments to tamp down the people who think the internet needs their bile.


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