In anticipation of Sunday's big game between the 49ers and the Falcons, the mayors of each city made bets with each other. Strange bets. Mayor Mike Miller of Flowery Branch, Ga., boasts that his city has the largest manufacturing plant for the Wrigley's gum company. So he promises to give Santa Clara mayor Jamie Matthews some gum if his team loses.

And if the Niners win? Mayor Matthews will give Miller something that has absolutely nothing to do with Silicon Valley: Snoopy and Charlie Brown plush toys and bobbleheads. Odd. However, according to Mercury News, "Mayor Jamie Matthews says the Peanuts characters are fitting because the mascots roam the city's Great America theme park, which is next to the $1.2 billion new stadium and the Niners' current training facility and headquarters."


Both mayors have also agreed to sport the opposing team's jersey to the a City Council meeting provided their team loses.