SF Weekly's music team has been doing this "Worst New Song of the Week" feature, and this week's honoree is the new single and video from the wildly popular British boy group One Direction. It's called "Kiss You," and while we'd never call it one of their best, the video is nevertheless a fun romp through the usual overly cute, boy band idiocy their fans eat up like chocolate cake. And yes, folks, just to send the tweens (and, ahem, a few of their gay fans) into fits of glee, they take their shirts off and pretend to surf.

To wit, from the Weekly's egregious take-down:

It's like every obvious, upbeat, boy band single in the history of mankind got mashed together and rolled into a giant ball of hyperactive cliches about touching and slowing things down and looking so good from your head to your feet and shouting things out and yea-ee-ee-yea-ee-ee-yea-eah.

Jesus, people. Way to be blind to all joy in life.

We're pretty sure that East Bay high schooler Sara Zollner, who penned this terrific review of a One Direction concert last year, is apoplectic over this video and has the song on repeat on her iPhone.

We will concede that the Weekly's Rae Alexandra makes one valid point: Harry's tattoos, if they are in fact real, look like they're drawn on with a Sharpie.

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