In a November 27 Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, the titular host poked fun at the Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research at HSU, jesting that to get into the school “you have to fail a lot of very rigorous drug tests.” He even included a parody promotional video that said prospective students could expect such exciting career options as pizza delivery, snowboard rentals, living in a van and selling friendship bracelets and patchouli oil, and Olympic swimming. Now the school wants the noted talk show host to visit the school and/or deliver the commencement speech.

In a letter sent to Kimmel, college President Rollin C. Richmond and student government President Ellyn Henderson wrote, "We thought some of your lines were actually pretty funny, as did many on campus ... However, like many students and alumni we also felt you shortchanged Humboldt State University, portraying all of our students as pot-obsessed slackers. That is not fair and this invitation offers you a chance to grow a little and make up for it."

For those of you unaware of Humboldt State's hippie reputation, it's the school that even students at UC Santa Cruz make fun of for being too stoney and leftist. As for the aforementioned pot research program, the LA Times notes, "The institute, which began operation in April, doesn’t offer classes, training programs or advocacy but acts as an information clearinghouse for lawmakers, health professionals, business and media."

Kimmel has yet to respond to Humboldt State's offer, but certainly will as it's ripe for comedic fodder. We'll update as soon as we know more.

Watch the video here.