Just before 3 a.m. Thursday morning, five armed men broke in and raided a home in the quiet Outer Richmond District. The residence on 40th Avenue near Geary Boulevard was apparently home to five college-aged kids and their three visitors, KTVU reports. The suspects entered the home brandishing handguns and started knocking down doors before assaulting residents and dragging them out into the living room.

According to the residents, the suspects were five black men in their twenties all wearing baggy clothing and hoods, although their faces weren't concealed. Residents believe they were looking for weed, but the suspects made off with several iPhones, iPads, an Xbox console, laptops and some photography equipment instead. One suspect grabbed a knife from the kitchen, which was later recovered in front of the apartment building. Two of the burglars reportedly carried handguns, but none of the residents reported any major injuries.

All five suspects took off on foot and had not been arrested as of this morning. No word yet on whether police believe the home was targeted, but the residents have only lived in the home for less than a year and believe it may have been a grow house in the past. According to KTVU's crime scene report this morning, residents also said they occasionally leave the front door open and the lock on the security gate "tends to stick." So, let this be a good reason to double check your locks, folks.