Holy heck, people. Netflix is down again. Or rather it was. Following their Christmas Eve blackout, the movie rental service experienced an outage today. "We're Sorry. The Netflix site is temporarily unavailable. Our engineers are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible," read the site today. (Luckily, we finished watching Sons of Anarchy season 4 late last night, thank god.)

According to a Netflix executive, only the DVD side of things is having issues. However, as TechCrunch points out, some users are claiming technical issues on the streaming side.

But. As of 12:30, Netflix streaming seems to run fine. No need to head over the Hulu to watch the Criterion Collection. The genital self-mutilation and shades of red of Cries & Whispers can wait another day.

Update: Netflix contacted SFist to say: "I wanted to reassure you that Netflix streaming is working normally. DVD shipments are working normally. The dvd.netflix.com Web site, for adding DVDs to a member’s queue, is experiencing some technical issues and is not accessible at all times to all members. Our engineers are working to address this issue. No need to sound the alarm about a streaming outage on New Year’s Eve."