Vallejo, ever the source of some of the Bay Area's most oddball crime news, gives us another gross story today. 22-year-old Joseph Romer and his girlfriend Sandeep Waloo have been arrested and charged in a case relating to the death and possible elder abuse of Romer's father, who died two years ago and whose body they stashed in a box in the backyard while they allegedly collected his pension checks.

The plan backfired when neighbors recently began smelling the decomposing body (not sure how it took this long) and alerted the Solano County Sheriff’s Department. Other relatives who shared the house where Romer and Waloo lived claimed not to know about the elder Romer's death, and had only recently noticed the smell themselves.

56-year-old Richard Romer is described as a "drifter" who was apparently quite ill before he died, and it's unclear if any foul play was involved.

In addition to the abuse charges, Joseph Romer and Waloo are charged with improperly moving a deceased body, and suspected theft.

Stay classy, Vallejo.

[CBS 5]

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