A loud fight between a man and a woman in an apartment building at California and Hyde Saturday night led to the police being called, and a four-hour standoff ensuing after police determined the man may be armed. He did not surrender right away, however did finally surrender peacefully around 10:30 p.m., only after streets were closed in a one-block radius.

Investigators have indicated that the man was under the influence of something when the the fight began, and it was neighbors who summoned police after hearing the escalating dispute. It perhaps took a few hours for the man to sober up and give in to the better angels of his nature, and the standoff ended with no one injured, thankfully.

On a related note: SFist's Andrew Dalton, who was in the neighborhood for a holiday party at the time, reports some hungover dregs of SantaCon were inconvenienced when had to be evacuated from adjacent apartments:

The man was booked on suspicion of domestic violence. Police have not confirmed that they found a firearm in the apartment. The suspect has not been publicly identified.