(By Daisy Barringer)

The biggest question I received after the 49ers beat the Dolphins 27-13 yesterday? “What’s your opinion on Kaepernick now?” For some reason, people have it in their heads that because I am not on the Kaepernick Bandwagon, I’m a hater, overly nostalgic, unrealistic, a grump, naïve. And though I would never call someone those names because I try very hard not to be a jerk, my response is: Suck it, losers. I still want Smith to start. And I don’t actually give a [insert expletive here] what you think.

Listen. The Niners won yesterday. I am stoked about that. What I’m not stoked about is how flat their play felt. How close the game was. How we barely beat a Dolphins’ team that is mediocre at best. And yes, I realize we won by two touchdowns, but anyone who watched the game knows the score does not accurately reflect the level of mediocre play by the 49ers.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what I think. Harbaugh has stars in his eyes when it comes to Kaepernick’s athleticism. He clearly values the young quarterback’s ability to make hard, accurate passes more than he does a quarterback who doesn’t make dumb mistakes like struggling with clock management and forcing wasted timeouts. He clearly values the occasional break out run down field more than he does utilizing a quarterback with seven years of experience and who understands the offense better than any other player on the field. He clearly values the idea of what Kaepernick COULD be more than what Alex Smith actually is.

So Kaepernick will start next week against New England. And I guarantee you the Niners lose that game.

Again, as I’ve sad a million times: I really like Colin Kaepernick. I am excited to have him on my team. His occasional moments of brilliance make me look forward to what he will do for us in the future. But his time should not be now. What we need now is a QB who can go out there, take minimal risks, run the offense effectively, and let the team win as a whole. What we need now is the quarterback who took us to the NFC Championship game last year, the quarterback who despite being treated like crap for his first six years, stuck with the team, the quarterback who not only deserves the chance to try to take us to the Super Bowl, but has the best chance of doing so.

Instead, we have a young guy who makes the kind of mistakes that cost you big games… and who kisses his tattooed bicep after a TD run.

Unfortunately, the fact that Alex Smith lost his job because of a concussion is all most people seem to be able to talk about. All around me at the ‘Stick yesterday, the question everyone was asking was “Team Kaepernick” or “Team Smith.” Except they didn’t phrase it like that because they are football fans not Twi-hards.

Nonetheless, despite the quarterback “controversy,” there are other things to discuss. Like LaMichael James who got his first start yesterday and is so exciting to watch. Sure, the rookie from Oregon only had 30 rushing yards, but he also had one reception for 15 yards and looked explosive on kickoff returns. His “fresh” legs and confidence are desperately needed right now in the Niners’ running game and I’m so glad he got to play while Brandon Jacobs, the whiny pathetic loser, was inactive.

(In case you missed it, Brandon Jacobs complained on Twitter and Instagram this weekend about “rotting away” on the 49ers and said he “hates” playing for the team. I’d say Harbaugh should just go ahead and cut him, but I sort of treasure the idea of him just wasting away on the bench for the rest of the season. Can we cut him right before the Super Bowl game? Is that a possibility? If so, I say: do it. If not, I guess get rid of him now. Either way, keep him inactive. The last thing I want is some guy on the field who hates the team.) [Editors Note: As of this morning, it looks like Jacobs is out, suspended for the rest of the regular season.]

It’s weird how bitter I’m feeling today. Usually I am a pretty happy camper after a 49ers’ win. But the first half was full of uninspired play and the Niners ended the half up 6-3. (Guess who’s off the hook for a week? That’s right. David Akers. Probably only because he wasn’t forced to attempt any field goals over 40 yards, but whatever, I’ll take it.)

In fact, the momentum of the game only changed because of a botched punt by the Dolphins in the third quarter that gave us the ball on the Miami 9-yard line and ultimately resulted in a touchdown.

The defense did look pretty amazing, as always, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that despite some great coverage, hard hits, and two sacks for Aldon Smith (who is now three sacks from tying Strahan’s single-season record), they did allow Ryan Tannehill—one of the worst QBs in the league—to mount a fourth quarter touchdown drive that put the Dolphins in a position to tie the game.

And yes, our offense was fine and that’s awesome that Frank Gore (LOVE HIM) passed 1000 yards for the season, but… he also didn’t reach 100 yards for the sixth straight game.

Crabtree looked great with nine receptions for 93 yards, but where was Vernon Davis? I’m on the verge of printing out “MISSING” signs with his adorable mug and posting them all over SF.

I guess the sad truth is that even with all of the good things the Niners are doing, I just can’t help but dwell on the fact that Harbaugh is choosing to start a quarterback whose inexperience is becoming more and more evident each game.Who may very well cost us the No. 2 seed. And who I don't think can handle the pressure of the playoffs. At this point, I’m not even sure with all of the stupid penalties, missed third down conversions (2 for 10), and dumb mistakes we even look like a playoff team.

The 49ers won yesterday. But it wasn’t pretty. If we play like that on the road against New England or Seattle, we’re going to embarrass ourselves in primetime. And we’re going to put our No. 2 seed in serious jeopardy.

For now, I’ll take the win. And I’ll pray that blinders come off and Harbaugh—and the rest of you—see Kaepernick for what he truly is. An amazing quarterback with great potential who should not be playing quite yet. Just think about it: If Alex Smith gives the same performance Kaep did yesterday? Everyone hates. Fact.

Nonetheless: Good job, Niners. I still love you more than anyone or anything else in my life. No matter what.