37-year-old Garbriel Uribe-Bautista pled not guilty Wednesday to three charges related to his failed attempt to ship three kilos of methamphetamine and 100 grams of cocaine through a FedEx store in Redwood City. After dropping the two illicit packages off at the store on August 24th, Uribe-Bautista was arrested two weeks later when he called to check the shipping status.

According to San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, the packages were intercepted at customs. After what we can only imagine was a really awkward series of phone calls with his really fiend-y recipient in the Philippines, Uribe-Bautista apparently called to check the tracking number on the goods, " and that's what led them to arrest him," Wagstaffe explained.

Figuring a gram of crystal meth goes for $80 on the street in the U.S. (according to this site on Meth addiction and not any sort of personal experience, so stop freaking out, Mom), then the two packages were probably worth around $250,000. Uribe-Bautista was originally held on three charges for $4 million bail. A judge lowered the bail to $1 million on Wednesday, but he still hadn't posted the funds, presumably because he doesn't have much collateral now that his stash has been confiscated. Bautista's attorney, who is sadly not Saul Goodman, refused to comment on the case.