Cute, kindhearted and raven-haired pastry chef Yigit Pura (Tout Sweet) will brave the waters of Bravo again, this time appearing on Millionaire Matchmaker. For those who don't know, Millionaire Matchmaker stars Patti Stanger, a woman who, as Julie Klauser nails it, is made out of snakes. Stanger also fixes up single rich people. When she's not performing as a low-rent Dolly Levi for the cameras, she hawks shit you sprinkle on food that does nothing more than help you feel bad about your body. She also says "cutie patootie" a lot and then your head explodes.

Fine. Millionaire Matchmaker is also a highly addictive show.

Anyway, in the preview video for the upcoming season, Stanger says to Pura, "Look at how hot you look. You're the first person I wish I had a penis for." Which: stop it, Patti. Check out Pura and the snake lady in a preview video here.

[Bravo, via Eater]