Megabus, the popular and dirt-cheap bus service that has been shuttling East Coasters and Midwesterners around the country in WiFi-enabled buses for years now, has just announced they have returned to the West Coast where they'll begin driving passengers up and down I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles next month for a measly $1.

Although Megabus floundered when they tried to break into the West Coast market back in 2007, leading the LA Times to call it a "megabust" within a year, the company seems confident the service will find riders this time around. In today's announcement, Megabus touted their frequent daily "express" service on "21st century double-decker buses with Wi-Fi and power outlets combined with our outstanding prices." So, if you've ever wanted to ride in one of those swanky Google or Facebook shuttles for seven hours and forty minutes, now is your chance to get on board for just a buck. (Although, last time around most fares averaged around $18 - $35.)

Starting December 12th, service from San Francisco will leave the Caltrain Station at Fourth and King Streets, with a stop at the San Jose Caltrain station before hitting the long drag through the Central Valley and eventually dropping off riders in SoCal at LA's Union Station. Riders in the East Bay get fewer departure times, but a slightly shorter, seven-hour ride from the West Oakland BART station. In addition to LA trips, riders leaving San Francisco can also hitch a ride up to Sacramento or Reno-Sparks via the new service.

While it's not quite as luxurious as a 3-hour train ride down south, a cheap direct trip to SoCal with Wi-Fi to keep you entertained is a nice alternative to the mess of holiday travel.