We are, quite suddenly and without warning, raging Instagram fans. (If the mood should strike, follow your SFist editor here or SFist's nascent account here.) As far as les médias sociaux goes, it's knocked out the nonsense text and political gibberish that stains Facebook and clipped the hysterics and basket cases found on Twitter. Also, (thus far) no distant relatives of ours have posted their umpteenth screed on the wholesomeness of Chick-fil-a. Just filtered photos, please. And with that, we give you the first ever music video done entirely on Instagram!

"Invasión" by the Plastics Revolution features 1905 pictures that went through the normal Instagram process on an iPhone. Filmmaker Art Perez shot the entire thing in San Francisco, so that makes it doubly wonderful. It also features the rarely-ever told tale of a cute white straight young couple finding love amid an indie-pop backdrop. Enjoy.