What does Chuck Nevius want out of his yard this week? Tattoos. The Chronicle columnist penned his first blog post since the election today on the topic of tattoos, and how the young people these days have just gone hog-wild with them. Did his kid just get some sort of offensive tribal thing that he can't stand? It's possible, but he points to the Chron's recent gallery of the 49ers players' tattoos and remarks how the tattoo is now, in his opinion, the alienating choice being made by Millennials that's akin to what long hair was for his generation, and piercings (according to him) were for Gen X.

He seems to think this tattoo thing is new, and not, as we'd argue, a trend that started about 20 years ago with the later Gen Xers. But anyway, he wants all the tattooed among us to know that you're going to regret it when you're 50. "I’ve seen those guys with the flames on their arms, or the barbed wire tat around their bicep, when they get older. And they don’t look hip or trendy then. They look old and wrinkled."

Hopefully by then, Chuck, we'll have really easy laser removal processes down pat.

Meanwhile, in the print column, Nevius takes on a much more sad and serious subject, which is the theft of a man's dog while he was getting dialysis at Davies Medical Center. 56-year-old Robert Runkle lost his prized Yorkshire terrier Lola, who was stolen recently when someone broke the window of his car, because there's a black market for purebred Yorkies, apparently. Also, Runkle was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. There's now a $3,000 reward for the return of the dog.