While the list of geographical mistakes in Apple's iOS 6 Maps app is so long it forced the usually stoic company to issue an apology, they appear to have gotten at least one thing correct: the location of the San Francisco's favorite park-going, marijuana-infusing chocolatier. Unfortunately, the geniuses at Apple still couldn't spell "Dolores" right.

As Uptown Almanac notes, Dolores Park's beloved choco-cannabis purveyor started popping up in the flawed maps app thanks to some automatically populated Yelp data (hence: "53 reviews on Yelp"), but the extra publicity comes after the ganja treat man received some negative feedback from the SFPD in the form of an arrest. With Dolores Park neighbors calling for a crackdown on the laissez-faire attitude towards such illicit small business people and the Federal Government shutting down any pot club they can serve with papers, we can't imagine the extra publicity is wanted at this point. Besides, everyone knows the pot truffle guy can usually be spotted on Tallboy Terrace on the other side of the bathrooms.

In other news, spelling it "Mission Delores" is just a rookie mistake.

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