In a move we probably should have expected from the walk-and-talk-loving screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin announced today that his film adaptation of Walter Isaacson's bestselling Steve Jobs biography will take place in three 30-minute scenes that happen in real-time backstage at Apple product launches.

Sorkin made the announcement today at the invite-only Hero Summit event, thrown by The Daily Beast and covered via their event-specific Twitter account. Details are sparse at this point, but the Academy and Emmy Award winning writer reportedly told an audience, "each of the three 30 min scenes in Steve Jobs movie will take place backstage before a product launch. That's the movie."

Before today, Sorkin was mum on the details of his adaptation of Isaacson's book, aside from explaining that his writing process would "look a lot more like watching ESPN to the untrained eye." Earlier this year, the Emmy and Academy Award winner told a crowd at the D10 conference that writing about Jobs is like "trying to write about the Beatles" and he would like to shake the "cradle-to-grave structure of a biography."

We should also point out that Sorkin's flick is one of two movies in the works about the late Apple CEO. The other is annoyingly spelled jOBS and will feature Ashton Kutcher in Steve's black turtlenecks.

No word yet on which three product launches the film will focus on. The Macintosh, the iPod and the iPhone are all obvious choices here, but we've got our fingers crossed that Sorkin will write a thrilling scene leading up to the release of the Motorola iTunes phone. That seems like it was an especially tense moment in the legend of Steve Jobs: