Our city's gaggle of fervent nudists has lawyered up, ladies and gentlemen. This is about to get fun. Today we get word via Mitch Hightower, nudist ringleader, that he and his birthday-suited cohort have retained the services of transgendered attorney Christina DiEdoardo to represent them in court.

Supervisor Scott Wiener, whose anti-nudist legislation just got through committee last week, believes that he already has the votes on the Board of Supervisors to push this through, ending the era of several decades worth of free-wheeling, free-balling, breast-baring liberalism that many San Franciscans hold near and dear. The vote on the ban is scheduled for next week's Board meeting, November 20.

And, thus, the fight is on. There's a fundraising effort (with only $800 pledged so far of the $10,000 goal) to offset these legal expenses. And as we mentioned yesterday, there's another nude-in/protest on the steps of City Hall scheduled for noon on Wednesday.

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