Much-revered Yountville restaurant the French Laundry posts a new quote in the kitchen every day, one meant to inspire and move the staff. Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey had one of his tweets honored as the quote of the day on Sunday night. It reads, "Organizations thrive when their people have a shared purpose guiding their work. If the entire world had a shared purpose, what would it be?"

General Manager Michael Minnillo implemented the nascent quote of the day feature, according to French Laundry. The constructive quotes are a regular occurrence and change per meal service. (The revolving quotes compliment Thomas Keller's "Sense of Urgency" placard permenantly adhered under the doorway clock inside the kitchen. Such the wordsmiths over there!)

Furthermore, Minnillo and Dorsey came up with the corresponding #EatItThenTweetIt hashtag together over the weekend.

Below, two very important #EatItThenTweetIt moments: