While we all cash in on free voting perks and bite our nails waiting for election results to start flooding in from the East Coast, let's take a look at what San Francisco's 1% have been up to, with our 10 favorite utterances from the November issue of The Nob Hill Gazette, "San Francisco's original social network." This month's theme: holidays, young philanthropists and patting oneself on the back.

Note: We also feel compelled to point out that, after three months of dropping "Nob Hill" from the name (and repeatedly making a big deal about it), The Gazette has once again returned to its roots as The Nob Hill Gazette. We suppose they couldn't stay away from the neighborhood for too long. Now, on to the quotes:

  • "On the Cover: Dazzling 11.05 carat yellow diamond ring courtesy of Graff Diamonds. Photo location also courtesy of Graff Diamonds. Crystal martini glass by Ralph Lauren Home. Dirty martini origin unknown." — unattributed cover photo caption.

  • "When we think of the holidays, we picture warm family celebrations, large and small, with a requisite dose of glitter, glamour, and grandeur." — Publisher Lois Lehrman's Dear Readers letter.

  • "Ready to be a hostess, cupcake? It’s party season, that time of year when you host a luncheon, bruncheon, or cocktail caper to see all of your “besties” and reciprocate a year’s worth of invitations." — Just a stunning opening line on Jennifer Raiser's must-read Protocol column about place cards.

  • "What if you are the guest faced with the prospect of meeting up with an ex? First, give them a hex. It will make you feel superior without disrupting the evening for all." — Jennifer Raiser on what to do if you find yourself at a party with your ex.

  • "What you might not know is that the earliest examples of the beautiful art form of engraving were actually engraved ostrich egg shells used in South Africa during the Middle Stone Age." — A curious factoid about event invitations from the implausibly named Erika Mailman.

  • "You can hire someone to calligraph your invitations or simply to hand-address the envelopes. Freelance calligraphers of necessity work slowly, so build in extra time and print invitations early to give them time to work their antique magic. For instance, it could take a week to hand-write 100 envelopes." — Erika Mailman's sound advice on invitation calligraphy.

  • "Some weddings involve tiki torches and board shorts rather than acres of tulle and satin. ...and your guests will stroll around in flip-flops rather than hover on high heels. In these cases, the invitation should reflect a laid-back vibe." — Erika Mailman again, proving that even Nob Hill denizens can have poor taste.

  • "With an Instagram-like filter, San Francisco Social puts a young, hip, and sexy spin on its signature event and, as a result, attracts the newest of the new money: the young aspirational philanthropist." — Val Reilly's peek into the young philanthropist scene.

  • "Mix in a few [table setting] pieces that were your grandmother’s, but not in a grandmotherly way. If you have an old silver boat, put flowers in it instead of gravy.” — Antiques collector Jorge Gonzalez, offering some advice for how to set yout Thanksgiving table.

  • "There I was, standing in front of the Emporium, accompanying my mother on her weekly shopping expedition. I was ten years of age and clearly fascinated by San Francisco and its past. A woman holding a clipboard approached us and asked us to sign a petition to save San Francisco’s cable cars." — Charles A. Fracchia's remembrance of the 1947 effort to save the Cable Cars. It is actually one of two lovely and nostalgic pieces about public transit in San Francisco.

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