As statistician Nate Silver continues to stoke the fury of the right, a hairier and cuddlier election-night soothsayer has emerged: Mr. Nuts. According to a breaking NBC Bay Area report, Mr. Nuts, a tuxedo cat living in Fremont, made his presidential pick this week by crapping in a litter box with Mitt Romney's name.

Chris Roberts of NBC Bay Area reports:

"The whole thing started as a joke over a football game - Steelers vs. Packers - two years ago. The cat's predictions were right that year. And the following Super Bowl, Mr. Nuts correctly picked - by pooping - that the New England Patriots would lose to the New York Giants."

And with that, the cat's owner, Michael Ostrofsky, set up two litter boxes on Monday: one labeled with Republican nominee Romney and one with President Barack Obama. Mr. Nuts defecated in Romney's box, and thus we can look forward to another four more years of progress and dazzling Michelle Obama appearances.

Roberts goes on to point out that "Mr. Nuts lives with Michael Ostrofsky's parents, who own Five Pet Place, a 'luxury cat furniture store' in Mission San Jose in Fremont." Be sure to check out their Facebook for more images of our second most favorite cat.

In related news, New York-based writer/comedian Julie Klausner has urged people to hashtag any and all election news tomorrow with #MrNuts.