Because everyone in this town requires much attention be paid to their thoughts on feelings and their feelings on thoughts, there will be a thoughtful protest at San Francisco City Hall tomorrow where, if you feel like it, you can show off your penis or vagina in public. It's all in response to Supervisor Scott Wiener's "fascist legislation" to ban nudity in the Castro.

The protest starts at noon at City Hall. Please come (but not cum) fully nude. But no cockrings, of course. This is all about "body freedom" and nothing to do with icky, sticky sex or exhibitionism. In addition to the protest, there will be an art contest, because of course there will be. And just like the Great March on Washington or when the Jews escaped from Sobibor, there will be a DJ afterparty at a nearby club.

But in all seriousness, it does sound like fun -- not to mention important for those of you who cherish your right to roam free sans attire. For more details, please visit [very NSFW] or simply head down to City Hall tomorrow at noon for maximum exposure. For an excellent discussion on nudity in the Castro, please read Castro Biscuit's view on getting naked in the city's gay mecca.