Slow goings as the MadBum vs. Fister showdown in Game 2 went scoreless for nearly seven full innings. Scoreless, but not uneventful. When Detroit's Omar Infante tried to jimmy the lock and drive off with the game in the fourth, good cop/bad cop team Marco Scutaro and Brandon Crawford caught the Grand Theft Second Base in progress. Gregor Blanco continued to be an endless source of entertainment when he knocked the ball directly at Doug Fister's head.

Here is Fister getting Blanco'ed in the face in endless slow-motion:

In the fourth inning, Detroit first baseman Prince Fielder tried to rob the Giants again, this time by nabbing one of Hunter Pence's pop-ups in foul territory. Fielder came up remarkably short and would be incessantly mocked by Fox's producers before going to commercial breaks for the next six innings.

By the bottom of the seventh inning, the Giants had only worked up three hits. Even Pablo Sandoval, who showed so much energy yesterday, could only manage to get himself to second base. But Fister started to crumble at the sight of Hunter Pence's beard and the Detroit starter gave up a single to the hirsute Giants outfielder. The Tigers pulled out Fister after 114 pitches, three hits and a walk had presumably caused his left arm to fall off.

Drew Smyly took over for the Tigers, quickly walking one and giving up a bunt to Gregor Blanco that just barely stayed fair as it rolled to a stop about midway down the third baseline. Bases loaded and no outs, Brandon Crawford hit into a double play but gave Hunter Pence enough room to score the first run of the night and give the Giants the advantage. Theriot struck out to end the seventh, but not before Detroit Catcher Gerald Laird got hit in the face with Theriot's bat.

Santiago Casilla took over for Bumgarner in the eighth and handily put away three. With Pablo Sandoval at bat, Angel Pagan slid right under Omar Infante's tag to steal second base and really just rub that earlier failed steal in Infante's face. Thanks to Pagan's impressive steal everyone in America gets one free Doritos Tacos Locos taco next Tuesday, October 30th. We will be personal be retrieving our game two victory taco from the combination KFC/Taco Bell on Lombard Street in the Marina if anyone would like to join us. (The people watching there is spectacular.)

Still in the bottom of the eighth, Pablo walks and the Tigers subbed in their third pitcher of the night to face half-man, half-machine Buster Posey. Octavio Dotel walked Posey, who is probably the nicest cyborg in all of baseball. With the bases loaded again, Hunter Pence let one float to right field, giving Angel Pagan enough time to make it 2-0.

Sergio Romo, 2012's certifiably bearded closer, brought up a 2-2 count in the top of the ninth. The final out popped up to Brandon Belt behind first base, and triggered the fireworks over AT&T Park.

Bumgarner gets the win for his seven innings pitched and Sergio Romo gets the save, but
Matthew Morrison wins the MVP for Most Valuable Pipes because he sang the National Anthem and is best buds with Barry Zito. Of course Barry Zito is BFF with Mr. Schue from Glee.

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