Local chef and entrepreneur Michael Mina doesn't want to pore over a wine list via iPad. Can you blame him? It is a bit much. When asked by Refinery29 if he considers himself a techie, Mina responded: "I've learned how to utilize technology with food. I don't believe in using the iPad for a winelist. I hate that. When I go to a restaurant, I want the wine list. I believe in using technology to make experiences better for your guests. So, how you use it to train your employees and recognize people that want to be recognized. But I don't believe in replacing the traditions in the restaurant with technology."

Hear, hear. So odd when you're handed an iPad in a restaurant. You can't even check your email or play Temple Runner on the thing. Sort of like going to Knott's Berry Farm for a class field trip without going on the rides. (Which is why it's best to bring your own iPad when dining.)

Mina is starring in some Food Network Show with noted gastronome... Michelle Branch. Read all about it at Refinery29.

[via Eater]