The San Francisco Giants accidentally sold Hunter Pence's shattered bat for a mere $400. Oops. Pence, who regularly names his bats [insert your own phallic joke here] called this one "Fryer." He hit a three-run double with the bat against St. Louis during the third inning of Game 7 of the pennant finale. But as soon as it broke apart, it was sold for in the game-use merchandise stall shortly after the game.

The bat, noted for hitting the ball three times in one swing before climactically breaking into bits, "disappeared shortly after the play, only to turn up for sale at the game-used merchandise stall behind section 119 later in the game, where it quickly sold for $400, far less than its current presumed value," reports Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area.

"I hit my home run in St. Louis with that bat, too,' wide-eyed Pence said. "So I'd like it back."

And Pence, by God, is in luck! The season-ticker holder who bought the broken bat wants Hunter to have it. "He was very excited,” Greg Marinec, a, account manager with the Giants said. "He purchased the bat and said he wanted Hunter to have it. He was very serious about it."