And with that, it's all comes down to this. Tonight, the Giants take on the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. Justin Verlander and Barry Zito will square off in Game 1, starting at 5:07 (PT) at AT&T Park. How important is Game 1? If you're supersistious, it could be. ESPN reports that "[t]he winner of Game 1 has won eight of nine and 13 of the last 15 World Series, " adding, "[t]here have been 103 best-of-7 World Series, and the winner of Game 1 has gone on to win the series 63.1 percent of the time."

So, not that critical. But still, a home-field for Game 1 is an advantage. We'll take what we can get.

Right now, the area around AT&T Park in SoMa is packed with fans on both sides. Those of you driving to the game? You are fools. You have no right to honk and shout out of your car windows. Calm thyselves. You knew better. Those of you who live in the area? We feel your joy/pain. We live by the park as well. It's an electric feeling. We can only hope that, when the Giants win later in the series, hooligans don't set fire to our compost bin again as they did in 2010. That stank. Literally.

Well, it's time to turn on KTVU 2 for the game. We hope that the FOX announcers don't fuck it up. They always do. If you're at work and your boss has not provided your with a television, or allowed you to leave early for the game, you are working for the devil. Clearly. Our apologies. Anyway, game starts in an hour. Prepare yourselves.

If you have any pics you'd like to share with SFist readers (of the game, fandom, your cat dressed as a Hunter Pence, your empty onion dip bowl, et al.), please tag them with 'sfist' on Flickr or email them to to us.

As always, and though it goes without saying, go Giants.