This afternoon, the historic (maybe) Gold Dust Lounge shared an early look at how they imagine their forthcoming Fisherman's Wharf location will turn out. And the new place looks... Well, it looks pretty much like you'd think it would.

It's dark. The carpet is red. There are brass chandeliers and chunky bar stools. The only thing that seems out of place is the bar itself, which appears to be about 12,000 miles long and possibly made out of a reclaimed cruise ship. It also doesn't look like there's a booth for Johnny Z and the Camaros yet, but we're sure the decorators will incorporate the house band at some point.

Readers and fans of cheap margaritas will remember the bar was sadly evicted from their longtime Union Square home back in May to make room for another warehouse of reasonably priced clothing near a BART Station.

Thanks, Nicole!