Well, this is some cold-prickly news. Buck Tavern, a noted Hayes Valley bar founded by former San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, has lost its lease and will shutter on Halloween. Say what? Yeah. The place was a hot spot for many wonks, especially those who run in progressive circles. We had a great time there, too, and once had the misfortune of drunkenly leaving our bag there (we do that a lot), only to be retrieved and returned to us by the benevolent Luke Thomas, editor of Fog City Journal. (Thanks again, Luke!).

Daly explained to Hayeswire, "If you asked me last week, I would have told you that we were selling. Today, all I can say for sure is 10/31 is our last day. Oh, and we’re going to have a great party that night! (And of course, wear your nautical attire, because this ship is sailing!)

The former supervisor bought the place back in 2010 after his term expired. What he plans to do next is unknown, but get excited just thinking about it. Until then, Buck's big blowout happens next week starting at 5:30. Details can be found here.