In spite of a bad PR campaign when it first opened, SFist finally decided to try to Lucky Strike last night. The place isn't that bad, surprisingly, especially considering it's not the most neighborhood-friendly place. Part bowling alley, part bar, part restaurant, part ode to The Big Lebowski, the place is packed with bowlers on one side and a bar on the other replete with big screens and booze. Granted, Lucky Strike is geared more toward bridge-and-tunnel than local or neighborhood ilk. However, it's right near the T line, thus perfect for stumbling into once the game ends. (And, boy, was last night's game ripe for a sad stumble home.)

For a more locally-inclined clientele and feel, check out Kells in North Beach/FiDi. "Oh my god, that place is full of douches," you bemoan? Not really. Not at all, in fact. We went there last night and had a great time, all things considered. The patrons were nice. The TVs perfectly loud. And the bartender muted the commercials in order to play boisterous music in between breaks. (Last night's game was in need of much boisterousness, because: oy.) However, since tonight is Friday, the Summer's Eve sect do tend to lace the area in larger numbers. Tread lightly, folks.

Lucky Strike: 200 King (between 4th St & 3rd Streets), SF
Kells: 530 Jackson (at Columbus), SF

Game 5 starts at 5 p.m. (PT).