Much like the fate of Wicked Witch of the West, the terror that is this week's heatwave will soon be eradicated by rain. Cleansing rain. "What a world, what a world," it will shriek.

First the bad news. "A high pressure bubble will suck warm air from the Central Valley across the Bay Area on Wednesday and Thursday and raise temperatures to the high 80s and low 90s," reports the Chronicle.

Downtown San Francisco, we're told but refuse to believe, will reach a boiling, blistering 78-degrees. Unacceptable.

When will rain fall down and wake our dreams? Not soon enough. But it should arrive by Monday. Some sort of system in the Gulf of Alaska (or in heaven) will come down here to relive us from the fire currently raining down from the sky.

SFist's Jay Barmann, noted sun worshipper and Bain de Soleil fan, might see things differently, however.