Bravo's ode to a handful of Silicon Valley skid marks will commence on November 5. While we will watch the first episode, and get back to you, it looks like it will have all of the intrigue and success of The Real Housewives of DC.

Look, none of these people are nerds. None of these people are geeks. You know who these people are? These people stand in line for ice cream. That is who we're dealing with here. (Authentic nerds are too busy getting noogies while making the world a better place.) And, yes, we can't stand that they get to be on a Bravo show... and we don't. We get that. Hence our ire. Hrumph. That said, the Start-Ups: Silicon Valley trailer looks a bit meh. Nothing about start-ups, talk about Google, or worn-out lines about "breaking the rules" come off as must-see. No amount of tank top-wearing men on their laptops or fools with accents spouting such ElimiDATE-era gibberish as, "people hate me because I say what's on my mind" could equal 30 seconds of Teresa on a New Jersey reunion (which: we're kind of on her side, you guys. Sorry, but everyone is just jealous, her husband isn't very nice, and her producer allegedly hates her).

Then again, Bravo does have a way of surprising us for they are magical. Anyway, here's the trailer. Enjoy.

Also, as some have already pointed out, the cast could not be described as "diverse." Bizarre. Oh, and Uptown Almanac has some behind-the-scenes dirt.