San Francisco's tony (yet still gritty) neighborhood of choice, the Mission, saw a bit of the Castro drip down on it over the weekend in the form of white-hot public nudity. This nudies-on-bikes scene was snapped by noted Mission Mission photographer and contributor Ariel Dovas on Sunday.

A few choice Mission Mission comments regarding the brazen fleshiness? "White privilege in full effect! Try the same thing as latino man and watch the results," reasons blah. While Venture angrily chimes in, "I'm sick of em too and I live 500 miles away. I dig nude beaches and resorts but these fuckers are long in the tooth for sure. They need beatdowns." And "Bob Dole" says what we're all thinking with this gem, "I can’t imagine how nasty and smelly their bike seats must be. Grease stains anyone?"

Well then.

While you can debate the legalities and morality of urban public nudity in the comments, what most of us want to know is: why? Why be naked in public? One possible answer as to why some men (they're usually, though not always, men) feel the need to present themselves in public sans clothes in front of passersby came to us in last week's controversial post "Video: Castro Theatre Manager Goes Off On Nudists, Journalist," from SFist commenter MoistPup, who offered up the following explanation via parody:

"Hey, I'm sixty now and opportunities for sex sure are getting few and far between... but I've lived my whole life having sex nonstop every single day... how do I keep that train rolling? I know, nudism! It's just like I'm having sex, I'm hard, I've got my cock ring on, I'm naked, some other guys are there naked with me... and since this is really all about me and my desperate sex-starved cry for attention I don't have to actually care about the normal people in the area, especially if I couch it as an exercise in activism!"

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