A brewery in Oregon is brewing a beer using wild yeast harvested from the brewmaster's beard. What a dude thing to do, beer world. Gross. Or is it? The facial hair beer comes to you care of Newport, Oregon-based Rogue Ales. "34 years, I never shaved it," explained brewmaster John Maier, human purveyor of said yeast sample.

The beard beer's curious brew came about after the ale company tried to harvest new yeast strains from their hop yard, but nothing developed. What started out as a joke became a reality when their lab guy found a suitable sample inside Maier's old salt-and-pepper facial hair, and then used it for the company's New Crustacean brew.

Rogue Ales president Brett Joyce explained to local FOX affiliate KPTV, "We do things that we think are fun, tonge in cheek," going on to add, "Why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it?" We can only hope this leads to a new trend in beer brewing using yeast culled from various body parts. Vagina beer, we fear, is not far behind.