George Davis, a transplant from Tennessee who once ran for mayor of San Francisco, likes to get naked in the Castro. And good for him. The Castro, famous for being the queer historic district, should allow their local scrotums and mammary glands, however droopy they may be, to flow freely. Davis and his fellow ecdysiasts parked their butts outside the Castro Theatre on Friday during the city's annual PARK(ing) Day. Speaking on-camera with Mike Skiff from Reel Gay TV and Third Rail Media, Davis explained that "nudity is not a crime" adding that "the only limitations on nudity [is] blue conduct." This is when things got ugly.

The Castro Theatre's manager, Keith Arnold, interrupted the interview with a clipboard, which he repeatedly tapped at the camera while trying to shield his face, and some terse words. Arnold reportedly forced the gaggle of nudists to move one store front down Castro street. "You can't film here out in front of the theater without a permit," he explained.

The situation turned more heated after the journalist asked Arnold, "Are you gay" and "are you tolerant of expressions of nudity?" Arnold's (admittedly sharp) reply? "I'm tolerant of kids not being exposed to cocks in their faces." And that there, folks, is the issue at hand in the entire to-bare-or-not-to-bare argument in San Francisco's District 8. As the neighborhood shifts (as neighborhoods often do) to a more family-friendly tone and mixed crowd, the battle between exposed butts and exposed toddler eyes wages on. We say let's have both, but, well, that would be too easy.

Anyway, the Reel Gay news cameraman Skiff filed a criminal complaint with the SFPD against the theater manager for his arguably menacing clipboard-tapping behavior. The nudists will surely return, probably as soon as this weekend and presumably with larger numbers.

Watch the entire exchange below:

[via SF Weekly]